Whether it be new construction, renovations, or modernizations, we work attentively with our client team members and local agencies to successfully construct our clients’ projects.  We achieve this by focusing on treating clients as project partners by communicating throughout the construction process for important decision-making.  We proactively manage schedules and budgets and provide regular reports to our clients to keep the project moving forward.


Our success as a Construction Manager relies on our ability to help our clients define their vision and goals for their project and working as a team with the architect, owner, and subcontractors to accomplish that vision.  We start by holding a series of preconstruction meetings where we identify the key markers of the project related to scope, schedule and funding.  We discuss what is most important to accomplish for the budget allotted and then we manage the contract representing the client’s best interests throughout the construction process.


We can provide alternatives to increase a project’s cost-effectiveness, and thereby client satisfaction, by providing plan review and value engineering services at the project start.  We work with our clients to identify and analyze critical project elements by reviewing the architectural drawings and making suggestions for improvements or alternatives to further meet the assigned budget.  We’ll meet with the architect to discuss possible changes whether they be related to mechanical/electrical/plumbing, site layout or design and issue scope clarifications.


In the past 10 years, MCI has gained valuable knowledge and experience to help clients shape their budgets to accommodate their ultimate project wish list.  By helping clients to prioritize their needs from top to bottom, we can provide cost estimates to see where items need to be adjusted. Our detailed cost analysis allows us to guide clients in aligning their budget to fit their vision for the project.


More and more clients are favoring the design/build delivery method for their projects over the traditional process of design/bid/build.  By building a strong client/design/construction team early in the project, savings can be realized not only in project costs but also in time and energy expended by the team throughout the entire process.  MCI has the experience to take the leadership role on design/build projects by representing the client’s best interests to the team, providing clear and constant communication to all parties involved, providing direction so the project vision is always at the forefront, and maintaining responsibility for delivering a project that exceeds the client’s expectations.


Most popular with school districts, lease-leaseback projects can provide the greatest value for public entities for either new construction, renovation or modernization if the correct developer is selected.  The real advantage for this delivery method is it allows clients to select their project partners based on qualifications rather than price.  Our history with lease-lease back projects dates back to our inception in 2006. Our proactive approach to this delivery method is to partner with the owner early in the project in order to strategize success for the project.  We accomplish this by collaboratively working with the owner and developer to identify best practices and value engineering opportunities for the project.


Full Scope Civil Improvements

MCI’s General Engineering Division is committed to our time tested preconstruction and planning process which allows us to better provide our clients with a turnkey product at completion. MCI Can provide initial clearing and mass grading, wet and dry utility installation, and final topside improvements inclusive of AC paving and concrete. Nearly all of these civil scopes are completed in house giving our clients a single point of contact through the civil construction process. We know the economic, environmental and regulatory challenges that impact projects in our state and the North state specifically. Time is money and our diverse team of solution oriented professionals will use their technical expertise, local knowledge and industry connections in order to deliver your project on time and on budget.